I'm actually so surprised how many decks all of you guys have donated so far! I'm really thankful for your support. The TCG is still small but I know it will grow as time passes! I'm sorry I've been M.I.A., but I've been working hard on making decks! I have finally decided updates will be officially on Wednesdays only because that's one of the days I have off and I can sit in front of the computer all day. I want to thank Cecelia for being such a nice soul and helping me out with polaroids and offering to help me make decks.

Set 2 and Weekly Games have been updated! Also all of the forum games are getting their first round and being updated! Rewards for the word search will be out soon!
But without further ado! Deck release time!

This week we have 20 brand new decks!

You make take 24 cards from this deck release and no more than 2 per deck.
If you donated any of these decks you get an extra pull!
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Posted on 17 Oct 2018 by Becky
Small quick update!
Okay! So I'm going to keep this short and sweet for today..Set 1 and Weekly games have been updating! I'm glad that all of you are posting things in the forum! Also Chimmy opened up his Word Search for this week! So be sure to check it out! I'm sorry I didn't bring any decks into this update mostly because my computer has been freezing on me all day and photoshop is being evil. But I promise that Friday you'll have new decks! Specially since Yasu already donated some!

And because of lovely (greedy) Yasu! She made our very first wish and she asked for a welcome pile with cards and votes. Shooky did decide to grant it but he went a little overboard! So head on over to the welcome card pile!

I do want to thank everyone for being so patient with me and supportive! Please look forward to the new update on Friday!
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Posted on 10 Oct 2018 by Becky
We are officially open for prejoin!

This even card can be taken by anyone who joins during this period. It's worth 0, as are all of our event cards.

The pre-join period is going to be twelve days. Please pardon our spider webs and dust while we get everything ready to officially open at the middle of this month.

So you maybe asking WHAT CAN I DO DURING PREJOIN!?. Well during the next two weeks, we would like for members to start focusing on trading and getting to know eachother. This is my first TCG and I want you all to get excited with tons of different decks when we officially open.

We will be back for our next update on Sunday! That's only because I have given you all the games today! And it'll give me time to make some brand new decks for you guys~ Masteries and trader rewards are opened for whenever you guys are ready!

Remember that there might still some broken links around the site.

Now for the fun part! Donations!
You'll be able to donate anything during this period. But there's a catch. You may only have 5 claims held at the same time. Give a chance to other people.
I might be added a "donated by" to the deck pages in the future.

The site will evolve as it continues. So please keep a look out for all the things we plan to do!

Last but not least! Let's meet our mascots~

Coming straight from the world of BT21! They are the upcoming world super stars! They have comed to help me run this joint!

We have here Koya! The sleepy koala! He's may look sleepy all the time but he's smart. He runs our Shop. Anything you need, this is Also his ears fall off.

He's a good pup and he's in charge of our word search on our forum. He's a very passionate puppy and he tries hard at his job.

This masked dancy pony with the heart shape nose is Mang! He runs our higher and lower game in the forum. Are you as cool as Mang when Dancing?

Our lovely resident alpaca! RJ is a gentle and polite soul that helps out giving you trades and freebies. Now that the colder months are coming, you might see him wear his parka because he gets cold easily.

Lovely alien from BT Planet. He's very curious about everything and he runs our scavenger hunt. He can transform into some really weird things...

STRONG BUNNY! Don't let his pinkish hue fool you, this little guy wants to be strong! And he runs our card chain!

Tata's robot runs our blackjack. He's the guardians of these little guys and their vehicle.

And last but not least, the mischievous Shooky! This magical cookie runs our wishing well and is the one to grant you all your wishes! Please don't threaten him with Milk because he won't be so happy about that. You may see him around causing trouble...If that happens we do have a bottle of milk you can spray on him.

That's it for this update! So please keep an eye out for next week! All the games have been uploaded and are ready for you to go ahead and give them a try!
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Posted on 03 Oct 2018 by Becky
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